Move beyond the traditional CV
Develop your ultimate career pass

An Orbit That Revolves Around You

Introducing Orbitr, your ultimate career pass. Craft a dynamic portfolio showcasing you and your diverse talents, qualifications, and passions. With multiple profiles, Orbitr captures the essence of everything that is uniquely you. Elevate your personal brand and make a lasting impression across various facets of your professional and personal life.

Key Features

Multiple Profiles

Employers are realising that while skills are important the most critical thing is the person they are hiring.

Move beyond a traditional CV offering to a more sophisticated, diverse, tailored, multi-profile approach to represent your ability and true potential.

Tailor your profile(s) to a specific audience.

You can build multiple career profiles based on your:

  • Personal interests
  • Skills
  • Industries
  • Experiences
  • Ambitions


Orbitr allows you to create the ultimate career pass within your own personal Orbit. A pass which supports you throughout your personal and career development journey, available 24/7.

Continually updating your personal brand, skills, achievements, knowledge, career highlights, connections, mentors, and opportunities. All of which supports you to achieve your goals.


Your Orbit is completely private and the way the platform has been developed allows you to be in control, keeping everything private and locked down.

  • It’s up to you as to whether you engage with the opportunities presented.
  • It’s up to you as to whether you share and connect your profile with credited businesses and partners.
  • It’s up to you as to which profile you choose to share?
  • It’s up to you as to whether you want to share a new achievement across your social platforms.

You get the gist, it’s up to you!


Orbitr allows you to upload and verify your skills and experiences, including qualifications, certifications, official records, or work/project experiences, obtained through your peers upon successful completion.

Verification isn’t a must, but it certainly helps to build credibility and connections with people who will vouch for you.


Opportunities based on your personal profile!

Connect and communicate directly with organisations, apply for jobs, training, courses, and offers to help support your development, while keeping everything private and in one place

Download any of your profiles directly to a format ready CV.


Capture your data in one secure location.

Orbitr will curate and deliver valuable content including career, education and amazing retail opportunities based on your personal and career interests.

All delivered directly to your feed with a built-in personal calendar to help support your journey, saving you time so you can focus on you!


Building a successful career often requires guidance and mentorship. Orbitr provides users with access to a supportive community and networking opportunities, connecting them with mentors and peers.

Meet the Orbitrs

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Curated content published and designed to further your development.

Take the first steps towards building your career pass


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