Orbitr for Business

Tap into a stronger, wider, and more diverse talent pool.

Orbitr’s pioneering approach not only differentiates itself from current offerings within the market, but also aligns with the dynamic demands of the young people and the evolving job market.

In an age of automation and artificial intelligence, understanding who the person is that you’re hiring is more important than ever!

Orbitr allows organisations, large, small, old, or young to dive headfirst into a community of talent.

In a world where the workplace environment and a traditional career trajectory has evolved, there is a pressing need for a tool that enables users to navigate the complex landscape of skills, education, and industry requirements.

Supporting companies to find, nurture, and engage the next generation of workforce talent.

By joining our Pilot program, you can experience a range of benefits that will positively impact your business:

  • Reduce recruitment costs
  • Drive better retention rates
  • Improve productivity with employees
  • Increase brand awareness amongst a growing community
  • Create a positive culture
  • Be a part of something quite special!

Orbitr Is An Eco-System

At the heart of the Orbitr eco-system, is an app designed to provide you, the Orbitrs with opportunities to develop, to build the ultimate profile and to progress both professionally and personally.


Post-hiring, Orbitr facilitates a direct collaboration between businesses and employees, fostering a more transparent and open relationship and enabling businesses to continually contribute to the growth and success of their employees.

Meet the team behind Orbitr

Our team brings a wealth of experience in technology & software development, business management & growth, marketing, education, career counselling, leadership and recruitment ensuring that Orbitr is not just a great concept but a well-executed venture.

Join the waiting list to receive Orbitr for Business

  • Access Orbitr to engage the next generation
  • Recruit and develop new talent
  • Offer exciting career opportunities
  • Support and encourage personal development
  • Provide mentorship and verification
  • Collaborate and help develop your future workforce
  • Promote services and products
  • Showcase your brand, vision and culture
  • Receive a lovely badge for your website!

The first 500 businesses to sign up before May 1st will receive Orbitr FREE for 6 months!

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