Orbitr for Education

Empower your students to showcase their full potential

At Orbitr, we believe in empowering students to shape their own destinies by providing them with the tools to build a comprehensive career pass.

Allowing students to showcase their experiences and skills while connecting with a robust support and business network.

Partnering with Orbitr not only benefits students, but opens great opportunity for you to forge stronger relationships and actively participate in shaping your students’ futures during and post education.

Orbitr provides you with a direct channel to communicate with students, graduates, and postgraduates who attend or have attended your college, 6th form or university.
Allowing you to share information about further courses, events, news, work experience and career opportunities tailored to each student’s career aspirations.

Aligns with the Gatsby Benchmark.

Throughout the design process we have ensured that Orbitr aligns with the Gatsby Benchmark so that it supports a stable careers programme.

Creating personalised profiles allow education to address the unique needs and aspirations of individual students.

Feeding in real-time market information keeps students informed about evolving career trends while helping to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application by showcasing how curriculum learning directly relates to various career paths.

Orbitr facilitates meaningful interactions between students and industry professionals through networking and verification capabilities while a virtual space allows a student to document and reflect on their workplace experiences.

All enhancing their understanding of different work environments.

Universities can use Orbitr to showcase further education opportunities, encouraging students to explore additional learning paths in line with their career goals.

Partner with Orbitr and join us in revolutionising the way students shape their careers.

Partner with us today and together, we can foster a generation of empowered individuals ready to meet the challenges of the future.

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